Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LU Noir Extreme - chocolate lovers only

LU is well known for its Le Petit Ecolier (The Little Schoolboy) milk chocolate cookies. I absolutely love the dark chocolate version of it, but think the extra dark version a little too bitter. Knowing I like dark chocolate, my fiancée bought me a pack of the new(?) Noir Extreme cookies.

On the package, the cookies are described as "70% cocoa extra dark chocolate covered patties with cocoa bean pieces." It really fits the name. As soon as I put the cookie in my mouth, I was attacked with strong sense of chocolate and bitterness. Then I got some cookie texture and in the end crunchy cocoa bean pieces. Only in the very end does a slight sweetness come out (because I'm swallowed all the bitterness already). The entire cookie has the bitterness of 70% fine solid chocolate and chocolate flavor but lacks complexity.

I thought it was quite interesting, but my fiancée was ready to give me the entire box after just half a piece :) One other negative point is that the chocolate coating is very delicate and almost guaranteed to melt in my hand every time. I probably won't buy it again. If you like this kind of intense chocolate experience, I would recommend trying some Lindt 85% chocolate bars.


Akinogal said...
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Assorto said...

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Theresa said...

try the mint ones. to die for.