Saturday, August 23, 2008

Boss The Espresso

Boss The Espresso
Got a can of The Espresso at Mitsuwa Market because it was on sale and the can is just awesome. A nice coffee smell rushed out as soon as I opened the can. It's not really espresso, just very smooth, easy drinking coffee. I'm not into canned coffee but I'm impressed with this one. The Espresso is a nice substitute iced coffee from the chain stores: it's cheaper and smaller which mean I'll get less fat from it :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Is McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich better than McChicken?

McDonald's has started an all-out effort to promote the new Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. We have gotten coupon mailed directly to our names, coupons that came with Amazon packages, and even credit card statements. It seems like an even bigger deal than the iced coffees. Since I like free stuff, I was enticed to try one.

The bun had a very light butter brushed on top to give a shiny appearance. The white meat chicken patty was coated in slightly crispy breading. The first mouthful gave strong sensation of spices and then lingering black pepper flavor. The chicken meat was to the point of TOO tender. It felt like the meat was soaked in softening juice for way too long. A lot of people reported the meat to be very dry so your mileage may vary. Interesting, the sandwich has no condiments at all, which is not really a bad thing. There were three small slices of pickle that balances out the strong flavors of the breading quite nicely.

I find this sandwich pretty good and might be a good alternative to the not-quite-sure-which-part-of-the-chicken-I'm-eating McChicken. The difference is that there's almost no veggie in this one (which might be good for some). Very unhealthy, but what do you expect from McDonald's :P

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Strawberry season is here!

This is a public service announcement. From my source in Watsonville, the California strawberries are ready! It is already the second wave of the first crop so get them quick. Right now, the strawberries are at their peak and they are cheap (isn't that nice). My source looked at prices at a supermarket and said the supermarket is not making much on the strawberries. A slight bad news, my source said this year's crop is not as good as last year. I tried some and it's true. It is still delicious but not as sweet. The good news is, even within the same distributor, there are crops from different farmers, and some are better than others. My source gave me some from a good farmer and some from a not so good one, and the difference is obvious. A photo for you from the second crop this year, just look at the perfect color. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LU Noir Extreme - chocolate lovers only

LU is well known for its Le Petit Ecolier (The Little Schoolboy) milk chocolate cookies. I absolutely love the dark chocolate version of it, but think the extra dark version a little too bitter. Knowing I like dark chocolate, my fiancée bought me a pack of the new(?) Noir Extreme cookies.

On the package, the cookies are described as "70% cocoa extra dark chocolate covered patties with cocoa bean pieces." It really fits the name. As soon as I put the cookie in my mouth, I was attacked with strong sense of chocolate and bitterness. Then I got some cookie texture and in the end crunchy cocoa bean pieces. Only in the very end does a slight sweetness come out (because I'm swallowed all the bitterness already). The entire cookie has the bitterness of 70% fine solid chocolate and chocolate flavor but lacks complexity.

I thought it was quite interesting, but my fiancée was ready to give me the entire box after just half a piece :) One other negative point is that the chocolate coating is very delicate and almost guaranteed to melt in my hand every time. I probably won't buy it again. If you like this kind of intense chocolate experience, I would recommend trying some Lindt 85% chocolate bars.